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Miscellaneous Work

(and other stuff)

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Those chimes are really high!
View from the antiphonal division
Installing chimes on the rear wall
Handful of hardware in Kelly's ankle
3X Broken ankle
Console work
Upgrade to ICS-4000
Small wind regulator is rebuilt
New shutter mechanism
Residence organ tracker gets overhau
Rainbow over the farm
Beautiful sky from the driveway
Peterson upgrade at FUMC, Gastonia
Rewiring keyboards
"Purple Overhead" zimbelstern holder
Scaffolding is required for Trumpet
Layout for console control panels
Reservoir boxes
We live in the country. Cows do too!
Curious raccoon
Skeleton of a console
Peterson upgrade at Mt. Tabor UMC
New Peterson control system
Cyclops returns for his 20th season
Our most important asset - firewood!
Mockingbird babies are coming!
Peterson upgrade at FBC Raleigh
Drilling for toe studs
St. James Louisa, awaits new plaster
Speaker cone is replaced
Organ is cleaned after uncovering
More wildlife
Reservoir work
Mary Michael working on a bellows
Whitney working on the bellows
Beautiful moth in the shop
Wrap and solder, not IDC!!
New pipe morgue
Marvin & Lee build new pipe trays
Mama wren builds a nest in the shop
New chime action in odd space
Baby turtle
Lots of bunnies!
More bunnies!
Homing pigeon found a new home
Really long black snake
Swallows in the bluebird box
Baby birdies in the shop
Flooding, seen from our driveway
Mama Stinkette and 5 baby stinkers
Many fawns this year
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